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How To Clean Your 4WD AFTER Beach Driving.


How To Clean Your 4WD AFTER Beach Driving. - Groundswell Wash


Protect your 4WD from rust and corrosion after beach driving by using Groundswell Wash Premium Wash!

4WDriving at K’gari or Rainbow Beach or bush bashing in the Glass House Mountains is an exhilarating experience but the thought of cleaning your rig afterwards can be a bit daunting!

Driving through the local carwash isn’t going to do the job. In fact, they can do more damage with cheap cleaning products containing a high PH level and brushes that leave swirl marks on your duco.

We all know the damage salt, sand and seaspray can do to our 4×4……plus, mud and dirt also have a high salt content which can further rust and corrode your 4×4.


You need a wash that is specifically formulate for 4×4 vehicles and is strong enough to clean efficiently but is also PH NEUTRAL to protect your 4×4 duco and paintwork.

Check IF your existing 4WD wash is PH neutral, otherwise it could be damaging your 4wd.

The BEST 4WD wash on the market is Groundswell Offroad Premium Wash. This wash has been tested in some of the harshest conditions and tweaked until we were happy for it to be sold to consumers.


Groundswell Offroad Premium Wash is a cutting-edge formula that has taken several years to perfect to ensure that it cleans and protects your offroad vehicle from salt, seaspray, sand, dirt and mud.

It is a high-end super concentrated formula that contains rust and corrosion barrier properties that protect your vehicle and prolongs the life of your 4WD against the harsh elements.

Use with our Groundswell Snow Foam Cannon to cover your vehicle with a thick foam blanket. You will literally see the mud dripping off your vehicle!

It has been created for regular use on your 4WD leaving an amazing shine and gloss after each use.

How To Clean Your 4WD AFTER Beach Driving. - Groundswell Wash

“Groundswell Premium Wash used in the Groundswell Snow Cannon is the quickest easiest and most effective product on the market to clean your 4×4.”

Groundswell Offroad Starter Kit

  • Touchless wash that removes sand, salt, and mud efficiently while preventing any swirl or scratch marks.
  • Rust and corrosion barrier protection.
  • Makes your washing time faster and more efficient.
  • PH Neutral and safe to use on all surfaces
  • Australian Made

Once completely rinsed you can use the Groundswell Drying Towel for an instant gloss and shine.

To take your cleaning to the next level, use the Groundswell Underbody Jet Sprayer.


The Groundswell Underbody Jet Sprayer is used to remove mud, dirt, sand, and salt from those hard to get at areas under the body of your vehicle.

Tired of getting down on your knees with your pressure washer to spray the underbody of your vehicle to no avail? Then this is the product for you.

Before washing the exterior of your 4WD attach the underbody sprayer to your pressure washer and easily glide it backward and forward under the body of your 4WD while the jet sprayers do the work of cleaning and detailing the hard to get at areas under your vehicle.

Then use the Snow Foam Cannon and Premium Wash to clean the exterior of your 4WD

It is that quick and easy!

So, to make cleaning your 4WD easy and efficient after beach driving or Bush bashing Groundswell have created the Ultimate Offroad Kit at a great price.

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Products that care for your 4x4 from 'Top To Underbody.'
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